Looking for a better ERP, CRM or Bi?

Cloud At work

Providing Cloud ERP, CRM and Bi solutions to high value digitalization projects


Make more sales through an organised sales system. Win more opportunities with more relevant insight. Provide your sales director/ board with accurate sales figures and pipeline. We implement CRM fast so you can start working right away!


Save time and money with a precise accounting software. Recover debts faster, at lesser cost. Manage payables and reduce fees. Lower stock levels and increase turnover. Pay your employees and their expenses on time. 

Business Intelligence

Consolidate your multiple excels’ data accurately and access close to real-time information that you need to take your decisions faster. We build comprehensible reports from your databases across platforms across employees, departments or subsidiaries.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Solutions based on your availabe resources.

We had neither the time, human or financial resources to deal with the likes of Oracle or SAP back then, what we needed was a reactive and simple solution. And we couldn’t spend millions on security. What we needed was a flexible system based in the cloud that could support our future growth.

It was clear that continuing to operate manually would not support the business, particularly due to the lack of visibility over the supply chain and resources spent managing external applications. Company-wide ERP adoption was essential, despite the organization’s previous failed ERP deployment.

Customization had to be minimal because the main goal for deploying an ERP system was to improve processes. A large amount of customization means you won’t be able to leverage the system’s efficiency and instead add to maintenance costs because you’ll need to apply updates every time a new version is released.

And the cloud’s subscription model, which turns heavy capex spending on servers and other equipment into more manageable opex, was an attractive alternative from the point of view of managing financial resources.” – CFO

Customer service feedback

” I really like the fact that I can make my own decisions without having to consult with other people about what I do everyday. ” – Clohe, Customer service.

” If you’re growing at over 20%, you start looking for efficiencies. We have searched over the market for a consulting firm that would help us onboard a best-fit erp. Cloud at work mauritius delivered consistent quality and helped our sales, after-sales and accounting teams in using the right system for us. ” Stephen – COO.

Sales feedback

“I used to have people checking up on me and beating down my neck to see if the sales orders were ready for invoicing. Now it’s the other way around, which is quite unique because it generates efficiency and satisfaction at all levels.” Adam, Sales Manager.

Accounting feedback

” I now go to the office thinking of the impact I’ll be having on the day there and make ourselves part of the team and part of the success. That’s a mindset  I really enjoy.” Bob – Accounting Manager.