Looking for a better ERP, CRM or Bi?

Cloud At work

Providing Cloud ERP, CRM and Bi solutions to high value digitalization projects


Cloud transformation

Outshine your competitors by maximizing your cloud investment, optimizing your governance strategies and scaling effectively.


We can support you in the many areas of Architecture: Software, Systems Integration, Networking, and Security.


Your business, technology and workflows are unique. We can create the solutions you need to optimize them.

Digital Business

Digitalization is our expertise. We offer solutions that grant 99.5% of up-time and are used by operations and management.



We offer full NetSuite and Peoplesoft solutions as well as services using our certified consultants and proven methodology.


We cover ECC6 and S4 Hana, helping companies reach their objectives in the most efficient way with our certified consultants.


We help companies develop cuting edge reports and dashboards on Qlikview, Qliksense and Nprinting solutions.


We work closely with Financial, Sales, Procurement and Marketing departments to build meaningful reports exclusively on Power Bi.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Customer feedback

Customer service feedback

” I really like the fact that I can now make my own decisions without having to consult with other people about what I do everyday. ” – Clohe, Customer service.

” If you’re growing at over 20%, you start looking for efficiencies. We have searched over the market for a consulting firm that would help us onboard a best-fit erp. Cloud at work mauritius delivered consistent quality and helped our sales, after-sales and accounting teams in using the right system for us. ” Stephen – COO.

Sales feedback

“I used to have people checking up on me and beating down my neck to see if the sales orders were ready for invoicing. Now it’s the other way around, which is quite unique because it generates efficiency and satisfaction at all levels.” Adam, Sales Manager.

Accounting feedback

” I now go to the office thinking of the impact I’ll be having on the day there and make ourselves part of the team and part of the success. That’s a mindset  I really enjoy.” Bob – Accounting Manager.

Why work with Cloud At Work Mauritius?

A flexible approach

We understand that the technical need of every customer is different. That’s why we use a blend of services, products and solutions to find the right fit for you. Whether it’s integrating with your own systems, using a partner product or one of our own, you’ll end up with an efficient, agile solution designed to suit your needs and meet your goals

A cost effective solution

Keep upfront investment down by building on existing architecture rather than starting from scratch. Avoid the risks and costs associated with inexperienced architecture and design. Lower the total cost of ownership by reducing ongoing maintenance and operational costs, and benefit from the cost efficiencies and agility cloud-native solutions bring.

Faster results

Whether it’s a systems integration, metadata management or a technical problem you can’t solve, we can help. You could build everything in-house, but by using one of our industry-proven solutions, you’ll speed up delivery and only do bespoke work where it’s really needed. Our experience will help you lower your time to market, resulting in faster benefits.

No vendor lock in

Gain a partner, not just another vendor. Throughout your project, we’ll work closely with your internal teams to retain and build their knowledge. We build solutions to integrate with and complement existing systems, as well as design them to be self-service. We stay on top of industry best practices and qualifications so you don’t have to.

Future proof your business

Gain instant access to years of product building and problem solving. We’ll work as your trusted partner to transform your organisation – from cloud expertise to building brilliant in-house technical teams. We’ll help you modernise workflows,from automating tasks to setting up proactive monitoring and alerting, so you’re ready for whatever is next in your business.

Built for Product & service industry

We’ve worked with clients in the Energy, Banking, Pharma and Automotive industries for over 20 years, tackling product and service industry specific challenges to help organizations transform. From working with EDF and Sociéte Générale to Renault Sport and SNCF, we’ve been involved with ERP and transformation since the digital transition started. We partner with leaders such as Oracle, SAP and IBM.

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