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About us

International consulting standards at Mauritian rates


CAW was born out of the vision of two entrepreneurs that spent over 12 years in the audit and consulting industries. Our goal is to help companies increase revenue and cut cost using tech as leverage.


Most companies spend a high portion of running costs on maintaining their IT equipment, software and securing data. We provide solutions that reduce most of these expenses to zero.


There is a scarcity of developers, functional consultants, project managers and trainers in the world. We want to build a company that attracts and retains talents.


Build expertise on the most efficient business management tools, invest in mastering them and help our customers reap the most value out of them. We want to grow talents that help you cut costs and maximise revenue.

Teams by tech

Oracle 120

We have access to a pool of 120 Peoplesoft consultants that are trained to support you across your needs.

SAP 90

Our partner force of over 90 SAP consultants can help you maintain ECC6 and master S4 Hana.

NetSuite 10

We SmartTeam of 6 employees provide NetSuite related services on OneWorld / Single instance suites.

Qliktech 4

We have rely on our 4 QlikNerds to service our customers across multiple industries.

Power Bi 2

Our growing team of 2 PowerDevs work closely with our customers to build their required reports on Power Bi.

“We have a growing demand for NetSuite and PowerBi services and are actively looking to grow the team in 2022.” 

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