Behind the Cloud revolution

There is a revolution going on right now in the digitalization world. More and more business management nerds, such as yourself, are getting interested in how to apply  technology in a functional setting. The key might be…

The wheel

If you want your business to make more money, you need it to be functional and move faster whilst burning the least amount of energy.

An easy way of addressing this concept of digitalization is to look for perfect attribution of financial investment across your departments.

The laws of physics give us a good understanding of weight distribution, energy/ effort and motive.
I would like you to picture a bicycle’s wheel.

Think of this wheel as the tool that, if steered correctly, can get your business moving in the desired direction with the least possible effort.

For the wheel not to break under the weight and impact, it has perfectly alligned spokes, right?

I want you to visualise each of these spokes. What would they represent in your company?

One of them could represent the quality of your company’s communication to the market.
Another, the excellence of your sales team when presenting, listening and ultimately closing deals.
One more could be your ability to invoice your customer within seconds, without any error on prices or VAT.
Undeniably, there are plenty of other spokes/areas a business needs to carry itself forward.

The art of business does not have to be an uphill struggle with ill-equipped tools. 

At Cloud at Work Mauritius, we provide you with quality digital solutions that are built to make each of your many business spokes align for the best, smoothest ride to success.

About the Author

Dominique Staub has been learning and adapting best practices from and to SME’s across Europe and Africa for the past 20 years. He works at Cloud At Work Mauritius with the objective of helping businesses move forward in the most efficient way. Get in touch with us for more insight on strategic digital engineering.

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