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The best KPIs to have on NetSuite

NetSuite is used across multiple industries and continents. Here are common KPIs that every business owner should track to better find bottlenecks and increase efficiency.

What are the best KPI's to track on NetSuite - By department


1) Number of proposed marketing topics per week vs number of selected ones.

2) Number of hours of meetings planned to review topics and approve those that match communication strategy, per week.

3) Number of articles/ ads approved by the marketing manager vs rejected.

4) Number of campaigns sent/ to be sent by week and by chanel.

5) Budgeted campaign costs vs actual costs.

6) Profitability per campaign channel: Cost of campaign vs Revenue by lead source, by channel.

7) Performance of email campaigns by customer type: Number of emails sent, read, clicked by client size.

8) Best working keywords: Most clicked variance of the message.

Sales activities

1) Number of new qualified leads by week.

2) Number of prospects per week.

3) Number of estimates created by value, sales rep and week.

4) Number of phone calls/ meetings made by sales rep, by week.

5) Conversion rate by customer type and product/ service.

6) Sales pipeline value by item/ service, sales rep and period.

7) Customer satisfaction rating per item/ service/ store/ sales rep and week.

8) Number of customer returns per week, by value, product and store.


1) Items in stock vs committed vs back ordered vs ordered (Pending receipt).

2) Item location by warehouse, rack and sell-by date.

3) Goods in transit (By value, quantity, weight, item name and week).

4) Average days to sell, per item.

5) Lead times by vendor and product.

6) Holding costs by warehouse and item.

7) Turnover by item and warehouse.

8) Preferred stock levels vs actual, per item and warehouse.


1) Number of active projects, by value and work days.
2) Resource availability per week over a 3 months period.
3) Profitability per project resource, by project, customer and month.
4) Planned service time vs actual delivered.
5) Contractually agreed price by time and service type vs actually invoiced.
6) Number of updates to original requests and updated revenue forecast.
7) Number of new after-sales tickets raised per week by service type.

8) Time taken to provide solution to raised cases, by case severity, service type, by support rep and week.


1) Receivables value today vs last week.

2) Payables value today vs last week.

3) Number of receivables calls made today vs average per month, per AR clerk.

4) Cashflow forecast by week.

5) Profitability by product/ service.

6) Number of PO’s awaiting approval, approved to be sent to the vendor, sent & pending receipt, pending bill.

7) Debt vs equity per month

8) Upcoming renewable vendor contracts.

What are the benefits of NetSuite ERP?

Speed of True cloud

NetSuite is the one and only true cloud CRM and ERP solution. This means you would not need to finance infrastructure, hardware and related server related costs. New customers can use the tool in weeks instead of months. Unlike locked systems, you can customise and develop your NetSuite without compromising system updates and support. 

Data Security

IT professionals know the complexities of securing and maintaining a database on its operating system. NetSuite makes database management a thing of the past with its safe harbour, military grade encryption and daily full backups over 3 continents. NetSuite spared no expense in guaranteeing access to your data when and from anywhere you need it most.


Access your system in real-time to check your calendar, prepare a sales estimate or enter an expence report. NetSuite removes the limitations and hassles of office work with its fully operating mobile access, from any device with a web browser and a trusty internet connection. You can showcase your company’s items, take orders whilst on trade shows, at business lunch or working from home.

Ease of use

NetSuite is the smart choice for modern entrepreneurs, who need to give their employees what they need to run their activities in the most efficient and easy way. Working as a team on a single platform drastically reduces response time. With NetSuite, your teams will be faster, more reliable and go through far less frustration to get the job done. 

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