Need assistance in mapping your business process?

Business process Mapping

We offer dedicated resources to analyse and document your processes.

Why map your business process?

Companies are often caught up in daily activities, adding new software, machines and employees as and when the need is felt. Over time, this leads to inconsistencies and bottlenecks within the organisations. Mapping your business process is the only way to document the tasks and activities of each of your employees. The result of a process mapping reveals un-suspected problems that can in turn be fixed, adding value to the company. 


When to use us to map your business processes?

Before the financial budget

Most companies plan their budget a year in advance.
Digitalization, growth and efficiency are main priorities.
Process mapping is the prerequisite to success  to acheiving these three goals.

Before looking for a new ERP

Legacy ERP’s are known to restrict business processes.
Most companies change ERP’s every 5 years.
Mapping your business process is key to building a business requirement document to choose the right ERP.

After an ERP implementation

Most companies that implemented an ERP without prior bmapping of their business processes find their system does not cover all their departmental needs. Mapping business processes will help identify and correct gaps.

Do you need assistance in mapping your business processes?

We are process auditors, accountants,  operations specialists who help medium to large size businesses across the world in mapping their processes in order to identify bottlenecks or secure their business requirement document. 

Our founders and consultants have implemented, audited and project managed companies across multiple ERP/CRM systems such as SAP, Sage, Microsoft, and Oracle NetSuite. We operate on the African, European and Middle East markets. Reach out to us by filling up the form on the right and we will get back to you to discuss further.

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