The context

Your department, or company has been running on an aging ERP which has outgrown your requirements. 
As most businesses, manual data extractions are costing your business time and money. 
You identified the need to change but have not yet found the time to look for the best fit solution.

Our business is to accompany businesses like yours in the smooth transition from your current ERP to the next.
You will find the main topics you will need to consider in order to initiate an informed meeting with us.
Do not hesitate to reach out to us for clarifications and more details.

Pre implementation tasks

We recommend that you:
1) Find the objectives for change
2) Run a feasability report
3) Define timelines
4) Build the requirement document
5) Select the best-fit software
6) Scope and price the implementation
7) Find the best-fit service providers
8) Weigh risk and propose solutions 

          (We can help you with that)


Implementation options

You need to choose between:
1) Fix bid implementations:
This is when we implement the solution from A to Z based on your requirement document. 

2) Agile implementations:
Best used for companies that require critical aspects of the implementation to be delivered in sprints. 

    (We implement based on your preferred method)

Post Go-Live needs

Once Live, consider the following:
1) Help dedicated to you
2) Training services
3) Customisation assistance
4) Development services
5) Performing system audits
6) Proposing innovative reports
7) Maintaining excellence
8) Keeping track of evolutions

     (Yes, we can help you with that too)

We implement change based on your company culture and vision!

We believe that implementation styles and approaches will greatly impact the outcome user adoption. Since no company’s culture is quite the same, it is important for the solution provider to immerse him/herself into your culture. ERP and CRM solutions are not the key to success. But the right solution for the right people is what brings significan beneficial change in a company. 

Pricing structure

You can choose between open-source, a one-time payment or a monthly/ yearly licence solutions.

These solutions are developed by a community of people, is free but needs to be hosted at your own premise or by a 3rd party host. Opensource will end up costing you money considering hosting, security, uptime and infrastructure. 

Monthly/ yearly license:
ERP and CRM’s can be used for a montly/ yearly licence fee. Not paying the fee will result in a loss of access to the software or will affect the support of the solution by its vendor.

One-time payment:
These solutions are typically found on specalised shops and once purchased, will be used and maintained by the vendor until its next release. These require hosting on local databases. 


CRM and ERP’s are made on two main technologies, either requiring server infrastructure or using a secured database at the vendor’s servers.

Software installed on your own computer/ server is considered on-premise. These are divided into 3 main business sizes: Small businesses, Medium sizes companies and Large corporations. Generally, the larger the company size, the more expensive the on-premise licence and infrastructure investment and running costs will be.

The price of true-cloud solution is generally based on the licence type and the user access fees. This means that you will be paying the same price for an accounting package regardless of your business size. The difference will be the number of users.


OpenSource solutions require you to manage the hosting of its software as well as your data on your own secured and maintained servers. Backups and restores are to be managed by your own employees or a vendor of your choice.

Updates and upgrades:
True-Cloud solutions provide automatic and seamless software updates and upgrades as well as an up-time guarantee of 99.95%. 
On-premise software requires you to invest in internal resources (or use a vendor) to purchase, maintain, upgrade the hardware and software elements of the solution. 

Ransomwares and security breaches are becoming increasingly frequent. Securing your data is assured by the true-cloud vendor in contrast with On-premise.


Need help?

We are passionate about helping companies succeed their CRM and ERP implementation.
We can help you successfully transition to better solutions. At your own pace.


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