Beyond industrialization

Bees can work all their life without the need of encouragement, motivation and drive. Industrialization embraced this concept. The approach doesn’t work anymore. Here is why and what to do about it. 

The cost of caring is less than that of imposing.


Today, the goal of most companies is to do the most out of limited resources.
– The most money, the most impact, the most buzz …with energy, time and investment constraints.

In order to acheive their objectives, companies focus to multiple tools: 
Goals, training and specialization. However, statistics show that this is not quite enough.




The industrialized work processes were set so that very low IQ staff could be used to do repetitive work. In today’s society, we are a more intelligent, civilized and modern workforce.

Smart employees do not find passion in repetitve siloed work. Their mind needs more. So they leave for the sake of a small increase in salary. But salary is not the reason for change.



Getting people to have a clear picture of what they need to do, and understand how their work (if done correctly) impacts the outcome of the whole business will bring massive positive change. This ‘big picture approach’ is at the core of every successful leader’s plan. 



The perfect business management requires a system that supports collaborative work across the board. An enterprise ressource planning (ERP).


Using a single ERP to manage all aspects of your business/ group of companies in realtime offers part of the solution. Three additional critical conditions need to be met in order to unlock the door to massive success:

1) Identify and take care of your employees when required, using realtime data (through Dashboards, alerts and reports).
2) Use consultants who focus on making your all-encompassing ERP make most sense to your company.
3) Track, analyse and learn from your mistakes.  


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