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Adapt your communication

Finding out all the questions people have in your activity will help you focus your communication to answer exactly what people are searching for, leading to better conversion rates and sales. 

Competitive analysis

Focus your communication on topics your competitors have not yet answered. For a fee, we can give you the exact topics that all competitors provide, so you can adapt your campaigns and website.

Price queries

We can show you the price related questions your audience are most concerned about when making a decision to invest in your product or service. This will often open new ideas on pricing and offers.

The entrepreneur's guide

Using our services, you will find out what your market searched for in your industry and find out the gaps in the market, where the search found no one to provide qualitative products or services. 

Content for your next e-book

If you are thinking of writing an e-book, we help you find out the topics that are most searched for in your field of expertise. That way, you can be sure to get the best possible return on your time investment.

Social Media

As an influencer on youtube, instagram, twitter and all other platforms, we can help you topics that the world is looking for so that you can adapt your videos, photos, blogs and have the most views.


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20+ years of testing social media and finding market gaps based on up to date search engines and social media data.

Cloud at Work has access to an innovative technology that uses search engine data (google/ bing) to help marketing departments, influencers and entrepreneurs discover what their market is searching for in their field of activity.

SEO 98%

Tailor-made studies made on a ad-hoc basis

For Startups

Find out what your market is looking for and the needs that are less answered.

For the marketing department

Discover what topics are the hottest based on search engine data, and use this information to adapt your communication.

For content creators

Find topics that the world is searching for, but have little to no video / website prividing answers.

For the business developper

Find out what people are searching for, in your field of business. Get results by country to see where there might be opportunities.

For the smart investor

Get a better idea of the need for a product or service within a country based on the quality of the topics searched and the existing competition.

For governments

We provide government insight on what investors and tourists ask themselves when looking to invest/ visit your country. You can then focus on improving those elements.


Over 10 years of the world’s market search engine queries and competiton are now at your service.
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Prices will vary on the volume of data you will be searching through.  

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