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Cloud At Work offers Qlikview, QlikSense, QlikMaps and Nprinting services

The modern analytics era truly began with the launch of QlikView, QlikTech’s original analytics solution. It provides¬† the revolutionary associative engine which allows you to instantly search and explore all your data with its auto-pivot intelligence.¬†

Qlikview revolutionized the way decision makers gain value through the use of data, with an intuitive visual discovery that put Business intelligence at the core of decision making, predictive analysis and unrivaled forecasting.

We continue to increasingly lead the way with Qlik Sense and its augmented intelligence, a governed multi-cloud architecture made available to a wider audience.

Critical thinking is no longer derailed by slow queries or ongoing data preparation needs. This lets analysis move at the speed of thought, even with massive numbers of users and complex data sets.


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