How best run your business when working from home.

The pandemic has taught us the importance of working on a shared, real-time, unified platform. This, we found, was the only way to be able to run our professional activities, operations, administration and management without having to travel to the office.

One issue remains: Having the full picture.

How could you take a sales order if your stock management data is on a different system?

Which price should you sell to, based on the fluctuating currencies and limited stock?

How long will your company be able to sustain its activities with 20% drop in revenue?

Who are the least efficient resources and who’s work you can give to one who works better and has availability?

All those questions boild down to one thing: How much money can you save, and how much more can you make?

Meet NetSuite, the cloud erp software that incudes CRM and Reporting technology.

NetSuite has grown to become the best and most used Cloud business management system in the world, with over 40k customers.

We, at cloud at work, have over a decade of experience implementing NetSuite for small; medium and large groups of companies.

We’re passionate about your business success and would love to help you get onboard the NetSuite train!

Act today, reach out to us and claim up to 20% discount on our implementation services until December 2021!


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