Do you need to know how much it costs to integrate NetSuite with your 3rd party App?

Cloud At Work Mauritius is here to help!

Data volume

Integration pricing varies based on the volume of data transferred and/or saved for analysis purposes on the integration platform. As such, we would need to know what your data volume is in order to give you a realistic estimate of your expected monthly costs. 


We invoice our customers based on the frequency of their integrations. Some choose to integrate their systems on a real-time basis (Point of sales or mobile sales apps for example). Others prefer to integrate between their servers once a month, i.e for payroll.

Fields to map

Typical integrations requires tables with matching fields to be present on both servers. However, the number of fields and tables you would need to integrate between NetSuite and another app will have a direct impact on the costing of the integration.

Errors to flag

Good risk control begins with the ability for your integration process owners to be able to track and receive alerts of any errors that occured during the integration. The depth and quality expected from these alerts ans reports will impact the integration cost.

Performance assessment

Lags on high volume real-time integrations can slow your business down, and in some cases lead you to lose customers. An efficien integration costing will be based on the quality of data you need on the lags encountered as well as their cause.


We value the maintenance of your integrations. Will you choose to expect swift support whenever programming languages evolve with time, or your NetSuite/ your 3rd party app updates its tables/ security levels? This will add to the TCO of the integration.


Are you looking for a NetSuite developer to integrate it with your 3rd party apps ? Make it happen!

20+ years of experience and added value in integrations and NetSuite development.

Cloud at Work Mauritius looks for ways for companies that operate on NetSuite to integrate with their payroll, POS, website and mobile apps. We have built an adaptive integration platform that allows us to integrate much faster, and with more flexibility than existing integration platforms. 

COST 85%

Integrations that help you make the most out of NetSuite.


We analyze your needs, run workshops and provide an estimate and scope of work.

Project planning

We provide project management services to ensure both you, CAW and your 3rd party vendors follow a plan.


Need assurance that our integration will work? We offer Proof of concept services for sample integrations.


Our integrations use secured dataservers and we use the latest security norms.


We have expereience in integrating mobile apps, websites, Payroll Systems and Point of Sales Systems to NetSuite.


We provide a warranty on all the developents we made, provided you do not modify the data it is based on.


Our Group Business at Work is a Platinum Oracle partner since 2000 and  SAP VAR since 2011 and is also certified “Partner Center Of Expertise”.
The PCOE program was initiated by SAP on a global level in order to guarantee the quality of service and support of its partners.
Certified partnership is obtained through a thorough audit of the business, processes and solutions.
This certification insures the ability of our group to offer support of highest quality standards.  

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