NetSuite user access

1. Full user access (Super user)

A super user access is a term used by NetSuite to describe a role which allows its user to create/ modify/ delete records such as leads, prospects or customers, items. A super user will also be able to create transactions such as opportunities, estimates, sales orders, invoices, journal entries or reports. 


$ 45 p/month p/user

2. Employee Centre access x5

The employee center access allows your employees, such as resources (consultants and technicians) to see access NetSuite to see the tasks, cases, tickets they are assigned. The resources will be able to update these records and access reports that have been shared to them. Time sheet entry as well as employee expense claim are also included in this access. 

$ 9 p/month p/user

3. Partner, vendor, customer access

Customer and vendor accesses are offered within NetSuite’s offer. Partner accesses are charged in order to let them place orders, track time or claim expenses. This is particularly useful for commission based selling, or when outsourcing resources and requiring them to track their time in order to better control your project profitability and budgets.

$ 50 p/month: up to 99 partners

NetSuite product license

1. Limited edition

This product is for companies with up to 50 employees and up to 10 NetSuite super users. It comes with basic sales, inventory, procurement, general accounting and timesheets as well as employee expenses and reporting  functionalities. Specific additional features can be added to the license, for a recurring fee.

$ 500 p/month

2. Mid-Market

Mid-market edition is for companies that have less than a thousand employees and more than 10 users. It comes with the same features as the limited edition but has the added benefit of additional features, such as the ‘Oneworld’ option, which allows you to manage multiple subsidiaries on NetSuite.

$ 1 500 p/month

3. Enterprise

NetSuite’s Enterprise edition is hosted on the most powerful servers and granted most bandwidth in order to provide the best respose times for your multiple users. This license offers similar functionalities as the Mid-market version but outshines it by the speed at which large volumes of transactions can be entered by users.

$ 5 000 p/month


1. Sold by and managed by NetSuite

Advanced financials
Advanced inventory 
Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced procurement
Contract renewals
Dunning Letters
Project costing
Project management

$ 300 to $ 2 500 p/month

2. Sold and managed by partners

Engineer to order
Container management
Scan and Capture
WordPress (Woo commerce) plugin
Gmail plugin
Magento plugin
RF Smart…



$ 200 to $ 1 500 p/month

3. Free and managed by NetSuite

Navigation portlets
International Tax
French Localization
Paypal integration…

$ 0

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