How much does Qlikview cost to implement

Qlikview is an on-premise analytic software. The costing approach required to implement it can vary in cost based on your data sources, data quality and the experience of your developers.

CRM and ERP options

Qlikview implementation cost by difficulty

1. Easy - Single source of data

Implementing Qlikview using a single data source helps speedup the development of your required reports. With a predefined template of the reports you need, we can build you a dashboard containing up to 10 elements (Tables, Charts, KPI’s) and add filtering lists such as week/ month/ year or customer name, product name and or category as well as your custom filters. This would take us a day to build and would cost 300 USD.

2. Medium - Multiple data sources

Developing a Qlikview report that uses more than one data source can make the task take longer. Even though Qlik creates synthetic keys. Data sources can be flat files (Formatted excel files/ xml documents) or databases (Accessed directly via web service our through a middleware database which will pull required data from your operational databases. This is best practice in terms of data security. We recommend at least 3 days for a report, which would amount to 900 USD.

3. High - Data mining & cleansing

Having large volumes of data across multiple data sources can also mean having to validate the data before pulling the onto Qlikview’s reports. Data validation, cleansing and mining can take days to months, depending on each customer. We advise purchase managers to consider a yearly assistance fee of 60k USD for the first year of delivery and an additional budget of up to 40k usd for contigency purposes. Costs may vary¬† based on findings during the discovery workshops.

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