How to develop a CRM system

CRM is a term that is unfortunately used loosely. Maintaining a contact list, automating email campaigns, building forecasts on manual entry are actions that are considered as part of CRM.

Other, more mature audiences see CRM as a way of automating and accessing sales and marketing activities based on real historical data, to build realistic forecasts and drive cutting edge customer support.

With this in mind, we propose the few ways of developing your own CRM below.

Generally speaking, on-premise CRM’s (CRM software installed on your database) can only be developped by its editor or official partners. Developments on these systems are expensive and take time to scope, test and push.

Cloud CRMs however offers more flexibility in that respect. They allow users with admin rights to hide, add or delete non-mandatory fields from their forms, customise their reports and dashboards too. You could use existing databases and UI from Azure, Orange Cloud, Amazon or Oracle to build your own CRM app.

NetSuite CRM or Salesforce can be a good platform as they offer the marketing, sales and after-sales elements used by most companies across the world. Both use javascript, allow new fields, forms and tables to be created on top of their existing funtionality. Security rights and user access permissions allow admin users to create control points on any required entry. NetSuite offers a large number of CRM reports, roles and dashboards to get the users running fast.

Each CRM is built in a different programming language. Cloud ERP’s often run on java script or python.

Developing a CRM from scratch becomes very difficult as soon as it goes beyond a simple contact list management. We offer cloud CRM development platforms for those who want to build their own CRM system.

Do you need assistance developing a CRM?

We are CRM experts that help small to medium size businesses across Africa and Europe.
Our founders and employees have been selected based on their experience with several CRMs as end users or consultants. Our CRM services are on technologies such as on-premise systems and cloud based offers like NetSuite CRM.

We use our knowledge of marketing, sales and after-sales to help companies best use of their CRM system. This in turn helps your users adopt the CRM in a matter of minutes and brings returns on investment faster than any other approach.


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