How to implement a CRM system

Implementing a CRM can be proven close to impossible without spending time away from your daily revenue focused activities and looking at FAQ’s and video tutorials on youtube. Unless you have a solid experience in the marketing, sales and CRM software imlementation fields, we recommend that you use the help or an expert.
The main steps to take to successfully implement an CRM system are expresses below.

Assuming your CRM has Marketing, Pre-sales, Sales and After-sales functionnalities, we recommend to proceed in the following order:

1. Configure the CRM
2. Give access to your admins
3. Customise your CRM’s entry forms
     a. Contacts
     b. Leads, prospects and customers
     c. Items/ services

4. Customise CRM’s other entry forms
     a. Opportunities
     b. Estimates
     c. Sales orders
     d. Cases and tickets
     e. Marketing email templates

5. Import your data onto the CRM
6. Create reports and run validation tests
7. Build reports
8. Build Dashboards.
9. Create employee records and roles
10. Provide user training

11. Go-Live.

Do you need assistance implementing a CRM?

We are CRM experts that help small to medium size businesses across Africa and Europe.
Our founders and employees have been selected based on their experience with several CRMs as end users or consultants. Our CRM services are on technologies such as on-premise systems and cloud based offers like NetSuite CRM.

We use our knowledge of marketing, sales and after-sales to help companies best use of their CRM system. This in turn helps your users adopt the CRM in a matter of minutes and brings returns on investment faster than any other approach.


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