We offer innovative solutions in order to help you reach your objectives within all levels of your business! 

Learn NetSuite through six role-specific online courses

We deliver six role-specific training courses through Teams/ Zoom sessions in order to deliver NetSuite knowledge to you and your team in the most meaningful way and at your convenience. 

Administrator course:

– Configure NetSuite’s Setup section
– Add / Remove functionality
– Create custom fields and forms
– Import data onto NetSuite
– Extract data from NetSuite
– Manage employee roles
– Track system alerts and audit trail
– Understand scripting
– Understand workflows
– Build and publish Reports
– Build and publish saved searches
– Build and publish dashboards

The sales user course:

– Manage leads
– Manage prospects
– Manage customers
– Manage items, services, discounts
– Build Reports and dashboard
– Use tasks and activities
– Manage forecasts
– Verify inventory availability
– Communicate with customers

The sales user course:

– Manage leads
– Manage prospects
– Manage customers
– Manage items, services, discounts
– Build Reports and dashboard
– Use tasks and activities
– Manage forecasts
– Verify inventory availability
– Communicate with customers

Inventory and warehouse course:

– Create and maintain items
– Create and maintain warehouses
– Create and maintain bins
– Manage multiple units of measure
– Create and maintain matrix items
– Manage kits and packages
– Using multiple vendors
– Recieving purchase orders
– Vendor returns
– Inventory counts
– Transfers
– Managing variances/ overage
– Managing back orders
– Forecast inventory
– Stock valuation

The procurement course:

– Create and manage vendors
– Control purchase requests
– Create and publish purchase orders
– Receive delivery slip and vendor bill
– Manage purchase contracts
– Run and follow RFQ’s
– Analyse and select vendors
– Control reorder points
– Follow minimum stock levels
– Manage replensihments
– Track lead times
– Track and assign landed costs
– Manage multi-currency vendors
– Tack and manage disputes
– Optimised purchasing

General accounting course:

– Manage the chart of accounts
– Control transaction posting
– Configure and manage VAT
– Manage sales invoicing
– Control receivables and payments
– Manage vendor bills
– Control payables and payments
– Managing recurring expenses
– Control journal entries
– Create and publish dashboards
– Manage payroll
– Run the fixed assets depreciation
– Manage revenue recognition
– Track employee expenses
– Invoice employee time
– Run and publish financial reports

Need NetSuite training on something more specific?

We live and breathe NetSuite since 2007. Our trainers speak both english and french, for your convenience and have extensive knowledge of NetSuite.  We deliver our training and support netsuite services online in order to answer your most urgent needs fast. 

We noted 3 main training objectives within the students we trained:
1) An operational user need, to be able to improve their knowledge of NetSuite and work better.
2) Job seeker’s need, to aquire NetSuite knowledge in order to apply for related jobs.
3) Entrepreneurial need, to learn NetSuite in order to sell their knowledge to their customers.

What would your training objective be?

Book your online training

*Our NetSuite trainers deliver from 9am to 6pm gmt+3.


Here are 5 other ways you could learn NetSuite:

1) By registering to NetSuite’s official online training courses.

NetSuite provides training courses based on the topics of your interest, ranging from Sales order to cash to purchase order to pay and general accounting. You can find additional topics covered on

2) By clicking on ‘Help’ on the top section of NetSuite, if you are already a NetSuite user.

NetSuite provides its users with a well categorised knowledge base to help their users access all the information they need on all the aspects of the ERP. It includes workflows, scripting, report building and more. The section includes video tutorials as well as a suite answers forum, which is a library of raised and resolved netsuite customer cases.

3) By getting a job at NetSuite or one of its partners.

If you see NetSuite knowledge as a value, there is nothing like experience to finetune it.
NetSuite and its partners are always on the lookout for new consultants, who they train and have certified.
Working for them is hence an easy way to get trained for free, and get paid to deliver NetSuite services.

4) By buying the book ‘NetSuite for dummies’ by Julie Kelly, Luke Braud and Malin Huffman.

Even though this book dates from 2010, the information it provides is still pertinent to this day.
The book covers NetSuite’s core functionalities and covers the topics you would expect to run in your day to day activities. However it does not cover local compliance in continents like Europe, Africa or Asia.

5) By buying training time from a NetSuite expert.

NetSuite experts can be found across the world and even on outsourcing marketplaces like fiver. It is hence very easy and affordable to get trained. As you know, we are NetSuite partners and deliver training services to NetSuite enthusiasts across the world, by 30 mins slots.


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