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Implementing an ERP can be expensive - Learn how to reduce implementation costs below.

1) Do the most easy but time consuming tasks on the project inhouse.
     These can be:
     a) Extracting your data from your current spreadsheets/ erp and formatting it to meet your new ERP format.
     b) Building your estimate, sales orders and sales invoice print-out templates yourself.
     c) Importing your chart of accounts, customers, items, vendors, employees and opening balances.
     d) Building your own reports (Only asking for help when required).

2) Look for ERP experts to get approrpiate training.
Experts might be more expensive, but will take far less time in training you/ your employees on how they can implement/ test/ correct elements on your ERP than a cheaper, less experienced one.

3) Keep the meetings with the whole ERP firm’s project team to a minimum.
Consultants charge you by the hour and having 4 people for an hour results in the invoicing of 4 hours work! Use an ‘Open tasks’ list instead, requiring each question/ topic to be updated as they are worked upon. This will take each delivery consultant a few seconds to update but will keep you informed of the project progress.

4) Stay as close as possible to the standard functionality proposed by the ERP.
The more you want specifics added, the more time the consulting firm will charge you to analyse your needs, project manage, test and deliver them. Once you will have mastered the ERP, you will easily be able to add new functionality without the need of 3rd party consultants.

The four ways of implementing an ERP

As a customer, you are free to choose how your ERP should be implemented.
Each option will have a major impact on the user adoption, timeframe of the erp implementation and budget.

1) Receive an administrator training on implementing the ERP and implement it yourselves.
2) Co-implement the ERP system with a consulting firm, taking the time consuming elements under your responsibility.
3) Let the consulting firm implement the ERP and project manage the implementation.
4) Let the consulting firm implement the ERP and use another consulting firm to manage the project.

Are you looking for a cheaper way to implement NetSuite?

Each company has its own culture and each country has its own standards and norms to follow.  
Implementing NetSuite could be met with a lot of challenges when dealing with users across departments. 

We have been implementing NetSuite across the UK, Europe, Morocco, Tanzania, Qatar as well as Mauritius for over 12 years. Can we help you with implementing part of your NetSuite OneWorld project across similar countries? 

Let us talk about your needs and decide if there is a value we can contribute to within your organisation.

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