Need to integrate NetSuite with MRA?

SuiteInvoicing: MRA Certified for NetSuite in Mauritius.


SuiteInvoicing allows B2C NetSuite users to print their fiscalized invoice in the shortest amount of time. This allows your sales teams to attend to customers in seconds instead of minutes.

OneWorld Compatibility

Oneworld environment allows the invoicing of more than a single subsidiary at a time. SuiteInvoicing tallies for this by considering the per-subsidiary sales transaction counter. 

Approval status

SuiteInvoicing takes into consieration the fact that unapproved or rejected transactions still have their own number and manages this with regards to MRA’s expected gapless numeric sequence.

Error handling

MRA’s platform has a set of 45 fields that each has its own limitations and expected format. SuiteInvoicing allws the user to me notified of any invoice which has not been fiscalized so that it/they can be corrected and sent to MRA for fiscalization again.

Mass Invoicing

SuiteInvoicing takes into account the fact that B2B NetSuite customers need to invoice their customers on a timely basis, usually weekly or monthly. Our e-invoicing solution allows B2B customers to manage the mass invoicing of sales orders an/or customers efficiently.


SuiteInvoicing allow the re-fiscalization of any invoices that were either failed by MRA for the data not matching the expected format or the MRA platform not being reachable at the time of fiscalization. Our solution makes re-fiscalization easy and fast to run.


Creators of the MRA certified e-invoiving integration solution in Mauritius.

License fees

Free for NetSuite customers based in Mauritius

Implementation fees

Depends on your NetSuite environment and sales process (Rs 90k to Rs 250k+)

Monthly support fees

Depends on your current support agreement with us (Rs 5k to Rs 10k+)


Implemented in 3 to 5 working days

20+ years of experience and added value in NetSuite solutions across the world.

We rely heavily on our exerienced consultants who have specialised in distribution, software, manufacturing and service industries  across continents. Cloud at Work offers a unique experience in defining, project managing and implementing, integrating and providing expertise on  NetSuite in Mauritius, France and Africa.


SuiteInvoicing is the E-Invoicing solution fully compatible with NetSuite

Cloud At Work Mauritius is a MRA registered and certified integration service provider. 
We have developped, tested and been certified on the MRA’s requirements for e-invoicing in Mauritius.
We provide full maintenance and support on our development.

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SuiteInvoicing is configured based on your customized NetSuite environment