The most Dangerous Cloud ERP/ CRM

A few facts about the most Dangerous ERP: NetSuite:

Did you know that #NetSuite has been the most #dangerous #erp and #crm #software since the year 2000? It does not require onsite/ 3rd party #hosting, its #upgrades are automatic and free, it allows your IT department to customise/ develop the tool without impacting future upgrades. It’s military grade security encryption and Safe Harbour policies ensured customer environments have never been hacked for over 20 years!

With so much less time spent caring about those stressful topics of no added value, your #CTO could focus on digital strategies, using NetSuite’s #API, to make #IOT, #AI or #mobility a reality. Your saved budgets could be spent on high revenue streams. 

Do not be surprised if no one ever mentions NetSuite to you. It’s bad for their business.

Cloud at Work is the only full NetSuite solution provider in Mauritius, Swaziland, Malawi, Lesotho Seychelles, Zimbabwe and France. We train your team and co-implement the solution faster with them. Onsite or Remote.

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