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Dedicated development services to help you reach your technical objectives

Extend NetSuite with development services

You have outgrown NetSuite’s standard functionality and require features or processes that are specific to your business. We develop NetSuite to ensure your requirements are met. You can find details of the type of solutions we are excellent at developping below. Contact us for a more details


Popular features we develop

Control sales

Item lookup on sales transactions, pricing calculation, discount calculation, customer creation approval, item creation, sales transaction approvals, provisions for bad debts, dunning letters, invoicing hierarchy (for insurance companies), conditional invoice email/ print templates.

Control taxes

Multiple VAT and other tax calculations on line level of your sales and purchase transactions. Provisions for tax on revenue, localized tax reports, postings of zero percent tax sales amounts. Tailor made tax calculations based on customer ship to and return from countries.

Control margins

Margin calculations on transction lines of your sales transactions. Authorization workflows when/ if discounts or price setting have an unwanted impact on margins. Discount scheduling per customer type, region, product types and validity period vs margins.

Control transactions

Prevent users from modifying sales prices, items or quantities on transactions after a time period and transaction status. Alert manager of any credit note created but not yet applied. Prevent changes on due dates. Prevent currency changes. Conditional editing.


Assign shifts to your employees, track their qualifications, courses, career, days off, overtime, requests for leaves, performance reviews, ratings, raise, issues, communications as well as next of kin information, carbon footprint, visas, vaccines and rights to travel.


We help you integrate NetSuite with your mobile app, website, whatsapp, payroll system in order to have all your information onto NetSuite. We build bridges between NEtSuite and other 3rd party databases to save you from manual extraction and csv imports.

Do you need to develop your NetSuite instance?

We are NetSuite specialists who help companies obtain the missing yet crucial features based on their specific business needs. We offer Suitescript, workflow and integration services to companies across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Our developments take 3 months on average to scope, develop, test and publish. We offer full maintenance and guarantee on the developments we make on NetSuite.


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