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The greatest strength of NetSuite is the freedom it gives you to develop the ERP as you need it.
We provide NetSuite development and integration services to help you reach your ERP goals effectively.

Popular features we develop


Companies of over 100M Rupees turnover per year are now required to integrate their ERP with MRA’s e-invoicing platform to add an MRA QR code to the footer of every sales invoice. Cloud At Work Mauritius is the first Mauritius based company to offer this feature directly integrated with NetSuite and other ERP’s.

Mauritian VAT Report

Mauritius Tax report is very specific to the fiscal expectations of this country. NetSuite does not provide this VAT report and Cloud At Work Mauritius is the first company to propose a truely compliant Mauritian VAT report. We are selling this through a bundle, and also provide maintenance to the bundle. 

Integration with Payroll

Payroll is an important feature that’s missing from NetSuite and is too complex to build and maintain. This is why we have partnenered with Payroll Mauritius to provide seamless integration between these two systems. We provide full support on thje integration and have referrals in Mauritius.

Management companies

The FSC imposes strict norms to follow to all management companies and financial institutions on the island. Since no ERP provides this Mauritian specific set of controls on any ERP, we built a NetSuite CRM feature that allows local stakeholders to adhere to FSC rules and regulations from the lead to sales.

Private clinics

Our local private clinics provided us with the specificities they need to have in order to run their services. From admitting new patients, invoicing their insurance in full or in part, dealing with doctors fees and post surgery stock and OR utilization. We built a bundle to help all private clinics grow with NetSuite.

Mobile app integration

Mobile is the new and fastest way for your customers to make appointments, order goods or services and track their own claims/ refunds or payments. We provide integration platforms between NetSuite and your mobile apps to bring your orders in faster, better contol your new customers’ payments and more…

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We are based in Mauritius and 100% of our staff is Mauritian. 
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