NetSuite: The cloud ERP for invoicing, procurement, inventory, payables, receivables and more!

Has your business become too big to manage on separate, isolated softwares? 
NetSuite ERP is the perfect solution for small to medium sized companies, allowing users to manage their customer invoicing, their procurement, vendor bills and access financial reports in real time.

NetSuite has won best Cloud ERP software every year since 1998, when it was founded. However, the value of this system only shows if implemented rapidly and at reduced costs. To bring context, the implementation of an ERP takes on average six to twelve months. 

Thanks to our expertise on this ERP, we can implement it for you within five to 10 weeks!

Customers who used our services from the start have successfully been audited and have over 9 years of accounting on NetSuite. Join the revolution today!

Here are the main processes covered by the system:





Project and budgeting

Create and send invoice customers
Multiple currencies
Real-time exchange rates
Multiple language
Multiple price lists per level
Invoice duplication
Billing schedule (Invoice automation)
Sales reports by period, item/ service/ Rep/ customer category/ product line…
Sales teams
Upselling and more!

Credit terms by customer
Automated reminder letters
Full/ Partial payments
Customer payments in multiple currencies
Customer credit rating tracking
Credit hold
Reminder templates
User access roles and security
Credit note management
Return authorisation management
Refunds/ Replacements

Maintenance contracts
Support team management
Case management
Escalation rules
Billable / free interventions
360 tracing of all activities tied to customer and products sold
Performance analytics per support rep
Solution knowledge base

3 budget categories
Budgeting by period, account, item, department or customer/ project.
Project management
Tasks management
Calendar sharing
Milestone billing
Project revenue recognition
Ressource assignement per unit cost, expertise and seniority
Budget vs actual reports
Project planned vs actual profitability report






Vendor management
Purchase requisitions
Purchase orders
Goods receipt
Vendor Returns
Demand plan
Supply plan
Lead times
Permission levels

Vendor Terms
Vendor categories
Vendor Bills
Multiple currencies
Full/ Partial payments
Vendor Return Authorizations
Discounts received
Vendor credit
Bill Payments
Vendor refunds

RFQ management
Supplier access portal
Supplier response and locked prices
RFQ analysis
RFQ winner and responses

Preferred vendor by item/ service
Vendor price per item/ service
Multiple vendors tied to items/ services
Multiple vendor lead times
Manual selection of most appropriate vendor per purchase order

General Accounting

Fixed Assets

HR & Payroll

Journal Entries


Fixed Assets records
Depreciation methods
Disposal (Scrap/ Sale)

Employee records
CV database
Skill analysis
Labour cost
Employee expense claims
Leaves (Paid/ Unpaid) tracking


Direct GL posting / Approval
Import of opening balances
Transaction control accounts
Currency revaluations

Bank Reconciliation
Vendor Prepayments
Customer deposits
Bank fees and charges

Who is NetSuite ERP for?

NetSuite ERP provides everything you would expect from an ERP system and can be used by companies regardless of their size or industry, as long as the data can be stored within one of the 3 continents – The USA, Europe and Asia. NetSuite ERP has been regarded as the best software to manage your business without the need to invest in servers, hosting and security. Today, NetSuite is being used in Mauritius, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Emirates and the USA. Companies using it include:

Accounting firms,
Law firms,
Consulting firms,
Manufacturing/ distribution (offering warranties)
E-commerce retailers.

The cloud ERP solution is used by the Accounting team including AP, AR, Inventory and management. Working together on a single solution allows them to  obtain all the crucial financial information they need to run their budget and cashflow in real-time. 

What is the value of NetSuite ERP?

This is the consistent and relevant wins you will get by using NetSuite ERP: :

  1. Close your accounting books faster every month.
  2. Never skip an unpaid invoice
  3. Recover money from debtors faster
  4. Reduce the late payment fees and time taken to manage your payables
  5. Aggregate financial data from multiple departments in real-time
  6. Access your cross-department reports faster
  7. Reconcile your bank statements in minutes
  8. Forecast your cashflow in real-time.

In addition to these crucial tasks and information that were so painful to obtain, NetSuite’s secured, always-on cloud solution gives your users, customers and vendors the peace of mind of being military grade secured. This means no more ransomware attacks, no more down-time, no server equipment that you have to maintain and upgrade every month. We simply take away the burden of running an IT department to let you focus on your business!


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