What is NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite is a cloud-based business software that helps organizations to manage their entire operations, including financials, customer relations, and ecommerce all-in-one platform. The system automates critical business processes, streamlining operations for small, medium, and large businesses. NetSuite aims to centralize all managerial aspects, allowing businesses to monitor and improve efficiency and decision-making abilities. It provides comprehensive functionality, including financials, CRM, inventory, supply chain, order management, ecommerce, and professional services automation across all departments of an organization. NetSuite’s intelligent dashboard provides real-time insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) and critical business information for informed decision-making. It has customizable dashboards, reporting, and search functionality for better data visibility. NetSuite provides a scalable cloud solution that can grow with a business, reducing deployment costs and enabling agile operations for optimal business performance.

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NetSuite ERP by activity


NetSuite streamlines and centralizes marketing tasks, monitoring effectiveness and integrating with other automation tools for improved communication and functionality on one platform.

Sales activities

NetSuite helps optimized sales workflows, automates processes, and after-sales activities. With customizable reporting, mobile access, and system integration, it helps boost productivity and provides accurate forecasts.

Contracts / Estimates

Streamline your sales process and empower your team to reach new heights. Track their progress in real-time and make informed decisions. With a user-friendly interface. Focus on what matters most – closing deals. 

Inventory management

Confidently manage your inventory and track your day-to-day operations. From a bird’s eye view of your inventory levels, to detailed metrics on stock movements and order processing.

Payments and VAT

Late payment fees, interests and penalties are brought down to a minimum by the AP’s tighter control on payments, due dates and credit terms. Bank fees are identified and alliances made.

What are NetSuite ERP's main standard functionalities?

Procure to pay

NetSuite ERP allows you to run your purchase requests, 3 level approvals as well as the creation and communication of an official purchase order. Suppliers, lead times and prices are predefined.

Cost accounting

NetSuite ERP allows you to track your employees’s activities to ensure acceptable levels of work are provided everyday. Un utilized resources are easily identified and re-assigned.

General accounting

NetSuite ERP allow you to track your revenue and expenses from dedicated reports or from your customizable profit and loss. Payables, receivables and operating expenses are tracked.

Employee expenses

Resources can claim their expenses back using NetSuite’s app. This allows the budget manager to have a better, more real-time tracking of expenses by department, project or customer.

Order to cash

NetSuite ERP lets you run your estimates, sales orders and invoicing in multiple currencies as well as item types and services. Rates are set by price levels and volume pricing.

What are the hidden benefits of NetSuite ERP?

Speed of True cloud

NetSuite is the one and only true cloud CRM and ERP solution. This means you would not need to finance infrastructure, hardware and related server related costs. New customers can use the tool in weeks instead of months. Unlike locked systems, you can customise and develop your NetSuite without compromising system updates and support. 

Data Security

IT professionals know the complexities of securing and maintaining a database on its operating system. NetSuite makes database management a thing of the past with its safe harbour, military grade encryption and daily full backups over 3 continents. NetSuite spared no expense in guaranteeing access to your data when and from anywhere you need it most.


Access your system in real-time to check your calendar, prepare a sales estimate or enter an expence report. NetSuite removes the limitations and hassles of office work with its fully operating mobile access, from any device with a web browser and a trusty internet connection. You can showcase your company’s items, take orders whilst on trade shows, at business lunch or working from home.

Ease of use

NetSuite is the smart choice for modern entrepreneurs, who need to give their employees what they need to run their activities in the most efficient and easy way. Working as a team on a single platform drastically reduces response time. With NetSuite, your teams will be faster, more reliable and go through far less frustration to get the job done. 


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We manage your data import

Import data from 3rd party aps onto NetSuite within 5 minutes using NetSuite’s csv import templates.

We customize process flows

Workflows allow your users to run their activities whilst limiting data entry or approval mistakes to zero.

We give you better control on cashflow and budgets

Set budgets by department, account, emloyee and period. Control your expenses using purchase order approvals.

We create your access roles and permissions

Adapt NetSuite’s roles and permissions to ensure your employees can access exactly what they need. 

We help you automate invoicing

Gain precious hours by automating the invoicing of goods and services to your customers.

Professional financial reports

Access ifrs compliant financial reports that include the profit and loss, balance sheet, GL, TB and VAT. 


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