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NetSuite CRM

When the leading cloud CRM is too expensive and other CRM's are not good enough.

What is NetSuite CRM?

NetSuite’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution helps companies turn leads and prospects into customers. It allows you to easily manage interactions with your contacts on a single platform. NetSuite CRM has all the capabilities of a traditional CRM solution, such as sales force automation (SFA), customer service management and marketing automation. It also has the ability to manage estimates, commissions, sales forecasts and partner relationships. NetSuite CRM provides a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle — from lead all the way through opportunity, order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell and after-sales support.

How is NetSuite CRM system used by the company?


Planning, delivering and analyzing campaign performance, may them be through mailing, emailing, online ads, billboards, TV/ radio spots and social media/ real events.

Sales activities

Managing your sales teams’ interactions with the prospects and customers in order to sell better and more. These include tracking phone calls, meetings, proposals and negotiations.

Contracts / Estimates

Secure your stock levels, pricing, terms and conditions to ensure your sales are flawless and customer satisfaction earns you brand notoriority through word of mouth.

Delivery management

Deliver ontime, at the right address through the integrated customer address and integrated connectors to UPS and Fedex. Plan delivery re-runs to care for the absent customers.

Payments and VAT

Ensure your VAT, payment terms, credit limits and penalty fees are well expressed on your estimate so your accounting department will be able to claim payments accordingly.

What are the hidden benefits of NetSuite CRM?

Speed of True cloud

NetSuite is the one and only true cloud CRM and ERP solution. This means you would not need to finance infrastructure, hardware and related server related costs. New customers can use the tool in weeks instead of months. Unlike locked systems, you can customise and develop your NetSuite without compromising system updates and support. 

Data Security

IT professionals know the complexities of securing and maintaining a database on its operating system. NetSuite makes database management a thing of the past with its safe harbour, military grade encryption and daily full backups over 3 continents. NetSuite spared no expense in guaranteeing access to your data when and from anywhere you need it most.


Access your system in real-time to check your calendar, prepare a sales estimate or enter an expence report. NetSuite removes the limitations and hassles of office work with its fully operating mobile access, from any device with a web browser and a trusty internet connection. You can showcase your company’s items, take orders whilst on trade shows, at business lunch or working from home.

Ease of use

NetSuite is the smart choice for modern entrepreneurs, who need to give their employees what they need to run their activities in the most efficient and easy way. Working as a team on a single platform drastically reduces response time. With NetSuite, your teams will be faster, more reliable and go through far less frustration to get the job done. 

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