Do you need immediate assistance on NetSuite?

Cloud At Work Mauritius is here to help!

What we do for companies transitioning to NetSuite:

1) We review and document your to-be processes

Shifting to NetSuite is often because your previous ERPs and CRMs did not give you the flexibility you needed to control and improve your processes. A successful NetSuite implementation heavily depends on our ability to finetune it to your needs, in a cost-efficient and timely way.

2) We provide you with license and service estimates

We get you the prices for the most suited NetSuite product as well as our implementation costs so you are guaranteed to meet your business objectives on NetSuite.

3) We send you a project plan so you can prepare your teams for the work ahead

A project manager ensures both your colleagues and ours progress on their daily tasks as well as provide feedback whenever bottlenecks are reached, analyzed and cleared. This ensures deadlines are met.

4) We configure your NetSuite account

We activate functionalities and  create your chart of account, VAT codes and currencies.

5) We customize your master data entry forms and import your historical data.

We ensure that the historical data crucial to your business will be found on your NetSuite entry forms.

6) We train your teams

You will get the best tailormade NetSuite training on all your required processes, from lead to customer, order to cash, procure to pay, general accounting, fixed assets and more.

7) We support your teams on NetSuite

We provide support during UAT and after Go-Live on all the processes we implemented. We provide this support on an agreement we make on an hourly basis or a monthly one.


Are you looking for a NetSuite implementation expert? Make it happen!

Need consultants?

Your current NetSuite solution is not meeting your expectations and your partners do not have the time or expertise to help you? We are a team of experts who dedicated our careers on NetSuite solutions. Our services provide you crucial help when needed. 

Incomplete software?

Are you looking for ways to add funtionality to NetSuite so that you can run your business more efficiently? We provide NetSuite development services to help you reach your evolving requirements. Our developpers provide cost-effective services to the NetSuite community.

Too expensive to maintain?

Are NetSuite developers or NetSuite partners too expensive for your business? We provide cost effective services to help your teams access support whenever they need it, in english or in french. We provide 12 months guarantee on all the NetSuite developments we deliver.

New company?

You just started your business and are looking for an efficient ER to help your new hires to start working within days instead of months? We provide fast NetSuite implemplementation for startups that need to grow fast.

New Software?

Are you using NetSuite as your new software to manage your CRM and/or ERP? We provide cosulting services that allow your business to implement, import historical data, get full training and run their tasks efficiently.

Using best of breed?

Are you using NetSuite to run your company or group’s accounting and need to integrate with 3rd party CRMs, Manufacturing, Payroll or Mobile app? We offer integration services through NetSuit’s API’s.

15+ years of experience and added value in implementing NetSuite across the world.

Cloud at Work relies heavily on its exerienced consultants who have specialised in distribution, finance, manufacturing and service industries  across continents. Cloud at Work offers a unique experience in defining, project managing and implementing NetSuite ERP and CRM across Europe and Africa.


The most frequently implemented features on NetSuite


We value our customers and consultants and ensure both get the best experience from NetSuite projects.
Our standards are set by our ideals and nurtured by the quality, time and effort you invest in your project.  
We understand the internal challenges created by change and work to overcome them.


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