Validating quality of service

NetSuite implementation Audit

Assess methodology, user adoption and compliance.

Why audit your NetSuite implementation?

Auditing your ERP implementation can save you money, time and frustration by determining if:

The solution that was sold to you, based on your expressed business needs, meets your requirements.
The project scope used to implement NetSuite was feasable.
The quality and experience of the project resources used were what you paid for.
The impact of the training received led to and empowered workforce and good user adoption.
The list of open issues have been cleared in a timely manner.
There were un-necessary services sold to you (Where standard functionality would have sufficed).


When to audit your NetSuite implementation

Before kick-off

1) Ascertain project feasability,
2) The consultant’s experience and
3) The methodology used…

During implementation

1) Review delivery vs promise,
2) Improve the project steering,
3) Ascertain acheivable deadline…

Post Go-Live

1) Review your BRD and analyse the gaps with the SOW,
2) Establish over-charge on project tasks
3) Ensure NetSuite best practice have been followed…

How long does the ERP implementation audit take?

Pre Kickoff

Pre-kickoff implementation project audit takes on average 4 workshops of 4 hours each.
We meet your teams, review your BRD, your project plan and SOW to provide our guidance on delivery as well as expectations and deadlines.

During implementation

Our ERP implementation audit during the implementation takes on average 8 workshops of 4hrs each as we aditionally need to document proposed corrections to the current project delivery as well as tackle open issues and their cost and time impact.

Post Go-Live

Post Go-live ERP implementation audit takes on average 6 workshops of 4hrs each. We review your BRD, SOW and the solution architecture. Our goal here is to find gaps between the way that functionality was delivered and better, more cost/time efficient methods.

Do you need to audit your NetSuite implementation?

We are NetSuite specialists who help medium and large size businesses across the world.
Our founders and consultants have implemented and audited multiple ERP/CRM implementations such as SAP, Sage, Microsoft, and Oracle NetSuite. We operate on the African, European and Middle East markets. Reach out to us by filling up the form on the right and we will get back to you to discuss further.


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