Implementing NetSuite?

NetSuite project management

Dedicated project management to successfully implement NetSuite

Why use an outsourced project manager?

Successfully implementing NetSuite requires a project manager with expertise in the field. 
This ensures your project is adequately scoped, delivered, tested and adopted.
We propose project management that makes most sense within your organization.


When to use us to manage your NetSuite project?

Early stage

Scoping and costing a project will be impacted by the structure of your organization and of the project plan. It is financially smart to invest in experienced netsuite project managers to guarantee the best possible output.

During implementation

We can help you restructure a stalled netsuite project by charting better implementation process flows. We helped hundreds of customers salvage their implementation projects by providing them expert advice.

Post Go-Live

Some customers can feel unhappy about their NetSuite implementation. Low user adoption, complex process flows and inadequately trained staff can raise doubt on renewing your NetSuite license. We are here to help.

Do you need to project manage your NetSuite implementation?

We are NetSuite specialists who help medium to large size businesses across the world.
Our founders and consultants have implemented, audited and project managed multiple ERP/CRM implementations such as SAP, Sage, Microsoft, and Oracle NetSuite. We operate on the African, European and Middle East markets. Reach out to us by filling up the form on the right and we will get back to you to discuss further.


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