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NetSuite RFQ

Requesting a NetSuite estimate for a GoLive within 100 days.

Welcome to Cloud At Work Mauritius! We are delighted of your interest.

To better help decision makers shift from expensive onpremise software or from cheap disorganised small ERP’s we have built a process to ease the acquisition of the world’s best fit solution: NetSuite.

How does the NetSuite pricing work?

NetSuite has numerous verticals, each licenced accordingly. You will be paying your licence fees on a yearly/semester basis. Additionally, NetSuite charges per user access. Power users are those who will be entering data on the system. Employee accesses are for those who, like consultants or technicians, will be delivering services based on the transactions/ tasks assigned to them by the power users.

Example of power users:
1) An accountant
2) A sales operative
3) The AP/ AR clerks
4) The project manager
5) The inventory clerks
6) The HR clerks

Example of employee access roles:
1) Technical consultant
2) Store clerk
3) Project resource
4) Secretary

Customers, vendors and partners can also be granted restricted access (Similar to what Amazon does to their platform) to allow access to their own statements/ payment history and even raise a case or access FAQ. These accesses are free with this limited functionality basis.
Advanced Partner centre allows for additional functionality for partners, such as time entry on project tasks, entering expense claims or analysing project schedules.


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