We help you optimize your process

Our strategic and technological advice on how to optimize your processes.

Using an ERP brings the most value when your processes are optimized.

1. Sales.
We help you structure your sales to help you organize your targets, activities and opportunities.


2. Purchasing
We can set simple purchasing processes (3 steps) or go in much further complexities of approvals on a ‘per-case’ scenario as well as available budgets.


3. Inventory.
Receipts, location, movements, issues, returns… We can help you organise these processes to maximize your efficiencies.



4. Accounting
Receivables, payables, bank reconciliation, provisions and month end are all topics we can help you streamline on NetSuite.


5. Reporting and alerts.
We help you get the right person alerted based on the criterias of your choice. We also help you automate the run and emailing of recurring reports to their receivers on a basis of your choice.


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