Your cloud ERP to manage your private clinics

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Patient management

Full customer onboarding process from onboarding questionnaire, insurance details to unique hospital ID bracelet/ sticker, next of kin etc.

Room allocation

Assign patients to private waiting room and post-operation recovery room. Assign meal orders and nurse visits.

Operating room

Plan operations and book internal nurses, anesthesist, surgeons and/or doctors. Track tools and medical products used. 

Long term patients

Easily manage inpatients or patient visits for treatments over long periods with recurring billing and tracking of caretaker’s visits.


Track, plan and replenish stock within the ambulances based on staff request and scheduled visits to patient residence. Manage maintenance of the ambulance.

Invoicing and payments

Accept payment for independent doctors and specialists, provide customers with individual invoices for clinic fees and doctors’ payments. Automatically create weekly or monthly doctor’s bills for payment.


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Cloud at Work relies heavily on its exerienced consultants who have specialised in distribution, finance, manufacturing and service industries  across continents. Cloud at Work offers a unique experience in defining, project managing and implementing NetSuite ERP and CRM across Europe and Africa.


Our consultants will ensure the following when implementing SuiteClinic:

We manage your data import

Import data from your previous ERP onto SuiteClinic to ensure your services, meditations, accessories, doctors and ongoing patients are on your new ERP.

We customize process flows

SuiteClinic workflows are built to allow your clinic’s staff  to run their activities. We can customize and adapt our workflows to your specifics during the implementation of your patient journey, your doctors’ engagement and your consumables.

We simplify data entry

SuiteClinic provides Clinic specific entry forms but we also allow our customers to add or remove fields they deem un-necessary on the tool, to maximize efficiencies.

We ensure the security to your data

We adapt SuiteClinic’s roles and permissions to ensure your staff can access exactly what they need on the system. 

Quickly find medecine repplacement by molecule

Running out of stock on a medecine at your clinic? SuiteClinic allows you to search for alternatives by searching by molecule.

Find specialists faster

SuiteClinic allows you to search for doctors by speciality, experience, region and also language. This is particularly valuable in countries with people speaking different languages.

The most frequently used features on SuiteClinic


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