How to optimize your NetSuite system

Our strategic and technological advice on how to help you boost NetSuite.

Our strategic advice to optimize your NetSuite system.

1. Manage your roles and permissions
Every single time you load a new NetSuite, you’re pulling all related records, fields, scripts and/or workflows associated with it. In this regards, filtering down records, saved searches, sublists, fields and scipts on a ‘per-role’ basis will greatly help you reduce loading times.

We can help you streamline your system on a per-role model.

2. Real-time script runs vs scheduled runs.
EScripts consume computing resources so obviously, getting their timing right and ensureing they do not all run at the same time will benefit to your system performance.

We can help you organise your scripts.

3. Manage your data.

NetSuite allows you to create your own tables (Custom records) as well as fields. Custom records are tied to parent records, such as customers, vendors, items and/or transactions.

We help you put order in the often uncontrolled use of custom records.

4. Incorrect use of your NetSuite system.One of the major pains in the NetSuite (and ERP) market is buying from over-promising sales reps or incorrectly developped functionalities. We have cases of customers that paid for developments which had no value since NetSuite already provided the functionality as standard.

We can provide system audits to ensure you are making the best use of the functionality. We can also audit the implementation done on your NetSuite instance to ensure they meet your needs.

5. Under-trained resources.

Most of errors that require a lot of time to fix are user errors.
Training your resources and providing them processflows of each of their activities will help them reduce errors and lead you to a cleaner system.

We provide NetSuite (and other ERP) training based on your business processes.

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