The most flexible cloud ERP CRM for your business

Are you interested in running your CRM and ERP on a single cloud system?

Whilst most software companies offer siloed applications, NetSuite offers CRM, ERP, Bi, Ecommerce functionality within its core product.

NetSuite has won the award of best business management software since 2000. Here are the few reasons why:

  1. It does not require onsite/ 3rd party hosting,
  2. Its upgrades are automatic and free,
  3. It allows your IT department to customise/ develop the tool without impacting future upgrades.
  4. It’s military grade security encryption and Safe Harbour policies ensured customer environments have never been hacked for over 20 years!
  5. It is available in over 9 languages
  6. It has a large comunity of developpers and functional experts
  7. It is available from any browser, from any device
  8. Its access can be IP restricted and it offers 2 way authentication
  9. It can be used by 85% of startups and scales with them (i.e GoPro)
  10. It uses an Oracle database!

We have repared a few pages to answer to our most frequetly asked questions, such as:

What is NetSuite ERP?

How much does NetSuite cost to implement?

How can we reduce NetSuite implementation costs? 

How do we learn NetSuite ERP?

Cloud at Work Mauritius is an experienced, family sized NetSuite solution provider in Mauritius, Swaziland, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Lesotho, Seychelles, Zimbabwe and France. We train your teams and co-implement the solution faster for them. For obvious Covid19 reasons, all our services are delivered remotely.

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