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The shift

The shift happened in 2005. Back then, we were ignorant and trusted salesmen. We didn’t know how to challenge them. We didn’t know we could. We had no way to know if their claims were true. We didn’t have the technology to compare or gather user feedback.

Today, we have full access to customer reviews on just about everything, sometimes even before a product is launched or an event has happened on the other side of the world.

If you do not give your customers enough to talk about, then you’re ‘just another product’ or ‘just another service’.

Absolutely everything you and your employees do must be world class. Because the market has gone global.

If the customer doesnt like what they experience during their stay/ use of your product, they will be ranting about it online and to their relatives and friends.

Just like that, you could be losing millions.

If the customer cannot name the difference from shopping at your store vs the competitor, no one’s going to talk about your business and you’ll depend on probability and demographics.

Quality is key. Always.

In order to consistantly reach the new levels of quality, you need people who understand the importance of it all. And last but not least, you need a software that adapts to your way of running the show.

Perfection is not reached when there’s nothing else to add, but when there’s nothing else to remove. Keep that in mind.

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