Benefits and drawbacks of NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld offers clear benefits and has known downfalls, which we will share with you in order to help you make the best informed decision.

CRM and ERP options

Benefits of NetSuite OneWorld

Cost benefits with economies of scale

1. CRM, ERP and Bi savings on license:
    NetSuite OneWorld offers savings on ERP software licence costs when used by 5 subsidiaries and more.
2. Lower implemention costs:
     Group policies can be published across operational and managerial process across companies.
3. Faster Go-Live:
     Data management, user testing and training takes less time as the technology is shared within users across the group.

Technological benefits

1. Data security:
    NetSuite provides millitary encryption, daily backups and disaster revovery plans.
2. Running time:
     NetSuite OneWorld provides 99.95% uptime, meaning no downtime for your users.
3. Automatic upgrades:
     NetSuite OneWorld provides 4 upgrades per year, constantly adding functionality without impacting any development made on the existing version.
4. API’s for connectivity to 3rd party devices/ software:
     OneWorld offers integration possibilities with multiple databases and devices in order to allow best use of its system.

Functional benefits

1. NetSuite OneWorld provides a real-time, all inclusive system:
    The system includes CRM, ERP, Bi and light Ecommerce and customer portal access.
2. Single chart of account:
     NetSuite allows single or multiple chart of accounts to easier manage financial analysis and mont end closures.
3. Multi-language:
     OneWorld offers its core elements in over 9 languages. User data can also be translated for group understanding of transaction details.

Fast user adoption and support

1. Online help:
    NetSuite provides full FAQ of their core OneWorld system.
2. Community:
     NetSuite partners and users provide extensive services and online tutorials.
3. Our hourly support-on-demand services:
     Cloud At Mork provides a hotline and a ticket driven assistance to NetSuite users across the world for fast response.

Downfalls of NetSuite OneWorld

Financial localization outside of largest countries

1. Countries requiring localization development services:
NetSuite is certified to meeting local financial norms across large markets such as the USA, UK and Australia. Countries within Europe, Africa and Asia are not yet all covered by the system. Companies operating on these continents may require additional help from  NetSuite partners in order to manage their tax declarations or year end reports.  

Lack of international service groups

1. OneWorld implementation across continents lacks implementation expertise:
NetSuite requires multiple resources to successfully deliver the project and ensure user adoption. NetSuite consultants are mainly found on NetSuite’s territories, namely in the USA, the UK and Australia. Most of these consultants have little to no knowledge of EU/ Asian/ African norms and will put the implentation and use of the system at risk.  


Are you interested in securing your NetSuite OneWorld project?

Each company has its own culture and each country has its own standards and norms to follow.  
Implementing NetSuite OneWorld will be met with a lot of challenges when dealing with users across continents. 

We have been implementing NetSuite across the UK, Europe, Morocco, Tanzania, Qatar as well as Mauritius for over 12 years. Can we help you with implementing part of your NetSuite OneWorld project across similar countries? 

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