Considering a low TCO ERP?

Calculating the TCO of running an ERP*


IT team enrollment fees

Payroll expenses

Training fees

Furniture and equipment


Server investment

Server room


Maintenance & insurance


Server OS + System license


Security software

Integrations & upgrades

* Sole traders often choose to install on-premise ERP on their personal computer, which leaves them at high risk of losing their data shoud their PC be stolen or broken.
Companies that choose true cloud ERP solutions do not have to pay the above fees are they are included in the license price of the system. 
Since these fees vary based on the country you operate in, we let you fill in the cost incurred in each of these essential elements. 

As an indicator, we noted that the TCO of running an on-premise ERP was on average $ 300 000 per year. 

What ERP TCO can your company afford per year?