What to look for in your next business management software:

1) No upfront investment: I do not want to spend a penny in buying/ upgrading/ maintaining servers, server rooms, databases, security software or backups & disaster recovery plan.

2) No recurring costs: Erase the costs linked to running software that require a team of IT consultants to maintain its server(s), server rooms, databases, security & server hardware maintenance.

3) No integration required: No ‘best of breed’ systems, which would then need to be integrated with other best of breeds. I want a system that does it all in one.

4) Easy to use: I want the software to be so easy to use that I do not even need need training to run my marketing campaigns, my sales department, my inventory/ services, my vendors and customers as well as accounting.

5) Mobility: I need my software to be securely accessed by users with permissions from anywhere and any device (PC/ Mac, tablet, smart phone).

6) Easy to customise: I do not want to enroll rocket scientists and PHD’s in Mathematics to customise my reports, transaction forms, customer/ vendor/ item/ employee records. I want a system that’s so simple that a secondary school student can optimise without any knowledge of programming.

7) Uptime: System must work 24/7.

8) Guaranteed security: The system’s editor must contractually guarantee the best industry standard data security.

9) Multi-language, multi company: I need the system to be fully accessible in the world’s most popular languages. I want the system to allow multi company accounting.

10) Services: I need the system to have large user base, an online community, extensive online help, video tutorials, monthly webirars, yearly events across the world and certified consultants I can use whenever I struggle with Something and do not have the time to go read about it.

About the author:
Dominique Staub help business make money by reducing their spending and increasing their revenue. He is a business management software specialist who worked on onpremise and cloud leading systems across Mauritius island, England and France. He helped the market’s to 400 companies shift to best suited software. He currently helps customers across the world through the Business At Work group and Cloud At Work Mauritius.

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