Why is NetSuite be the best Cloud ERP in 2020 ?

Establishing what’s best for a business in terms of accounting software is not an easy task for those who do not see the big picture. It is easy to fall in the trap of brand association, emotional marketing adverts, promotions that are too good to miss or even the recommendations from an uninformed friend or biased fellow accountant.

There are three factors that separate an ERP from another:
1) The responsiveness and security of its database
2) The completeness of its features, user interface and reports.
3) The reluctance of the user to learn a new tool when he/she already learned their current one (even if better solutions were more affordable, easier to use and provided more functionality)

The ERP king would need to answer to the first two points and be so ground breaking that the market would know that using it was not only inevitable but a necessity!

Meet NetSuite. Five commonly observed benefits of this ERP are:
a) Major increase in competitive advantage.
b) Higher sales volumes and improved customer loyalty.
c) Significant reduction in IT maintenance costs.
d) Massive increase in the company’s efficiency and profitbility.
e) Scalability.
f) Ability to quickly update or revamp processes to increase efficiency.

NetSuite has been investing in and delivering excellence since the year 2007, where its ERP functionalities had everything you would expect from an ERP and provide full database security, 99.95% uptime guarantee, extreme ease of use and outstanding flexibility in its interface!

This disruption was silenced by the competition, who all vowed to copy NetSuite in its features and offers. None has ever managed to do so. To this day, NetSuite is, by far, the best Cloud ERP solution in its class. Here are a few facts that the competition might not want you to know:

1) NetSuite is the only ERP which upgrades automaticaly and for free without deleting all your customizations, developments, forms, fields, processes and reports! (No more loss of develoment investments on your ERP)

2) NetSuite is the only ERP technology built 100% on Cloud with military encryption security, including USA and EU Safe Harbour certification and ISAE 3402 compliant as well as SSAE 16! (No more data breach or ransomware)

3) NetSuite has data centers across the globe which all mirror data, similar to blockchain technology. This ensures maximum up-time and efficient disaster recovery. (No more days lost waiting for servers to get back online or theft of your customers’ confidential information)

4) NetSuite invested billions in R&D and offer connectors to today’s greatest online platforms, allowing you to sell your goods on Amazon and EBay but also through Prestashop, Magento ans Shopify! (No more being cut out of the online platforms)

5) NetSuite is not a ‘remote access’ solution, it is the only 100% true cloud ERP which also includes CRM and Bi! This means that you can manage all your activities from your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone. Anytime, anywhere! (No more access limitations, no need for cross-platform integration between CRM, ERP and Bi)

6) Today’s largest disruptors have used NetSuite from their ‘Startup’ phase to becoming multi million dollar businesses on the same NetSuite ERP. Proving NetSuite’s ability to scale with your business as it grows and expands. (Don’t just drive your business like the best, most disruptive companies on the market, get to meet them and become one too!)

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Cloud At Work – June 2020

About the author:

Dominique Staub has 20 years of auditing, accounting, consulting and entrepreneurial experience. He has travelled the world to meet, discuss, sell and implement the world’s most reknowned ERP, CRM and Bi solutions. He currently works for Cloud at Work Mauritius (Part of the multi-million dollar group Business At Work), where he helps Entrepreneurs across Africa and the Indian Ocean leverage their resources on the most suited solutions.

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