Why is NetSuite so slow?

Why is NetSuite so slow? This is the question we got asked the most during our 13+ years of implementing NetSuite across the world. We provide answers to this historical and recurring question below.

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The three things that could slow NetSuite

1. Your computer's insufficient ram

NetSuite loads and keeps all the data from the record you are viewing in cache. This means that opening a customer record will look up all of its related records (Shown on the customer’s subtabs). Records include contacts, transactions, calculation of outstanding balances, cases and communication activities. This requires a lot of ram. Don’t forget to clear your cache (Control + F5 on your PC to free up memory).

2. Your internet speed/ connectivity

NetSuite pulls data from the database, the transfer speed of the data transfer highly depends on your internet speed. That is why you need to ensure your employees are not using your internet for things that consume too much data (Social media, online videos, windows updates during work hours). Some argue that NetSuite is much faster when using 4G from their mobile hotspot than their internet line.

3. Your computer's processing power

NetSuite often uses scripts to determine adequate VAT, pricing structure, volume discounts as well as mandatory field validations. However, users very ofetn add custom scripts and workflows to make NetSuite better fit their business needs. Such scripts and are either calculated within your in-memory data (Client script) or are actually run on NetSuite’s servers (Server scripts). Client scripts use your computer’s computing power.

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There are various other factors that could be impacting your NetSuite account.
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