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Cloud At Work provides experienced NetSuite consultants in Mauritius, Africa and Europe!


1) NetSuite is the fastest, safest and most efficient ERP in its class.

2) It is used by over 20 000 companies across the world.

3) NetSuite helps save over 400 000 metric tons of carbon per year and contributes to a sustainable planet! 

Dominique Staub - CEO, Cloud at Work

Providing NetSuite consulting in Mauritius and Africa

NetSuite is a full Cloud CRM and ERP software best fit for companies that need to focus on their core activities rather than maintain an IT park. NetSuite has been awarded the best cloud ERP and CRM solution for over a decade.

Speed of True cloud

NetSuite is the one and only true cloud CRM and ERP solution. This means companies do not need to manage infrastructure, hardware and related implementation or support. New customers can use the tool in weeks instead of months. Unlike locked systems, you can customise and develop your NetSuite without compromising system updates and support. 

Data Security

IT professionals know the complexities of securing and maintaining a database on its operating system. NetSuite makes database management a thing of the past with its safe harbour, military grade encryption and daily full backups over 3 continents. NetSuite spared no expense in guaranteeing access to your data when and from anywhere you need it most.


Access your system in real-time to check your calendar, prepare a sales estimate or enter an expence report. NetSuite removes the limitations and hassles of office work with its fully operating mobile access, from any device with a web browser and a trusty internet connection. You can showcase your company’s items, take orders whilst on trade shows, at business lunch or working from home.

Ease of use

NetSuite is the smart choice for modern entrepreneurs, who need to give their employees what they need to run their activities in the most efficient and easy way. Working as a team on a single platform drastically reduces response time. With NetSuite, your teams will be faster, more reliable and go through far less frustration to get the job done. 

NetSuite offers real benefits to companies across the board:


Are you a solution oriented, forward-thinking, action-oriented, driven, ambitious, focused, accessible and innovative CEO?

Does your role consist of looking for new opportunities? Develop strategies and implement change? 
Do you need to ensure your company’s financial health by using the right mix of assets, skills, finance, infrastructure and relationships?

The best CEO’s use and master activity reports and financial statements to measure progress and steer the company in overcoming problems.
It is also the CEO’s responsibility to oversee compliance with statutory and regulatory obligations.

NetSuite allows CEO's to manage their priorities

NetSuite allows you to: 

1) Build a sustained and steady growth through better customer retention (loyalty).
2) Make market-driven decisions through real-time, comprehensive and reliable customer data.
3) Empower and motivate a committed workforce.
4) Innovate and introduce new products and services through NetSuite’s technology.
5) Ensure that the company is protected from competitive threats and natural disasters. 



The CFO’s responsibilities are extensive and extremely focused on precision. Numbers need to be 100% correct, financial reports need to be easily accessible and detailed.
Minimising risk is one of the CFO’s top priorities. Tasks conducted include:

1) Build sound and detailed financial budgeting, planning, control and reporting.
2) Give sound and informed feedback on Financial performance leading to operztional décisions.
3) Build evolving financial strategies and forecasts by communicating with other exécutives for maximum company growth.
4) Oversee  accounting practices as well as tax and audit functions.
5) Supervise Investments and fund raisings when needed.

NetSuite helps CFO's deliver their responsibilities through precise, real-time financial management

NetSuite provides efficient and accurate Financial processes to meet audit, reporting and compliance requirements such as SAS 70 Type II, PCI DSS and EU-US Safe Harbour certifications. The ERP provides the following benefits to CTO’s:

1) An increased trust in financial data leading to a faster and more streamlined financial close. 
2) Eliminates the burden and costs of maintenance hosting, infrastructure and version updates.
3) Access to the latest technology innovations such as cloud computing, Mobile and Bi without upgrade hassles.
4) Execute finance-centered process improvement and automation.
5) A secured role-based auditable system with remote access capability.

Download the full NetSuite DataSheet (pdf)

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