What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ?

CRM is a term used to describe the management of all communications made between your employees and your leads, contacts, prospects and customers in order to increase sales and customer satisfaction. 

CRM and ERP options

How does CRM help organisations grow?

1. By increasing lead aquisition

A CRM helps businesses communicate to contacts and leads in order to grasp their interest and qualify them. The CRM system includes Email marketing campaings as well as an integration with your website’s contact form.

2. By creating more customers

The CRM software allows the pre-sales team to identify and call the leads that have shown an interest from your email marketing campaigns,  in order to turn them into prospects. The sales team uses the CRM to provide the prospects with an estimate or a sales order of the product/ service of their choice.

3. By increasing customer retention

Once a customer has purchased from your business, it is important to keep him/her aware of associated products or services he/she mught be interested in. It is also important to provide each of your customers the ability to contact you, should they have questions / problems relating to their order, your product’s delivery. A happy customer is more likely to buy again from you as well as recommend your business to his/her friends.

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How is CRM used in a company?

1. By the Marketing department who:

Plans lead generation

Runs internal activities

Analyses KPI's

Determine marketing chanel,
Plan project activities,
Determine the target audience,
Cost the different options,
Forecast expected revenue,
Manage performance and adapt.

Qualify/ disqualify medias chanels,
Project manage inhouse activites,
Filter, group  and extract contact data,
Obtain estimates and liase with finance,
Estimate the returns and liase with management,
Run the marketing campaings and tracks results.

Track campaign performance,
Identify number of new visitors,
The requests for information by status,
The webinar/ tradeshow registrations,
The number of brochures downloaded,
The number of new customers by category.

2. By the Pre-Sales department who:

Qualifies leads

Creates new opportunities

Calls back the contacts qualified by the Marketing Campaigns
Notes down customer needs
Present the company and the products/ services
Notes down questions and run follow-up calls
Qualifies/ disqualifies the leads

Tracks opportunities by value
Update lead record with up-to-date information
Tracks and manages phone calls/ meetings
Gives the lead all the information they need to make a sales
Liases with the sales department for them to send an estimate 

3. By the sales department who:

Prepares and sends sales orders

Creates and sends estimates to prospects,
Negotiates with prospects and manages discounts based on margins,
Liases with the services or inventory department,
Creates and sends the sales orders to customers,
Liases with the receivable and accounting teams,
Uses past sales data to upsell to existing customers,
Renews orders/ services/ memberships.

4. By the after-sales department who:

Manages claims, warranties and customer service

Track cases entered by costomers through the online ticketing system,
Builds and updates an online FAQ,
Liases with the sales department and/or product manufacturer,
Conducts case priority escalation for extended warranties,
Has the ability to track and manage cases in multiple languages ,
Provides the service/ product teams with improvement recommendations,
Ensures cases are answered to in the appropriate timeframe.

How to choose the right CRM?

The right CRM for your business is the one which is easiest to use for everyone.
It must allow your marketing, pre-sales, sales and after sales departments to work better together.

The CRM you choose should be easy to learn, flexible to your needs and that of your employees.
That way, your communication manager as well as your digital campaign manager, the copywriter, graphic designer, and financial director will be able to make best use of it.

Your pre-sales and sales clerks, your sales managers and director should be able to work on the system without the need of extracting data every time they need a report.

Your after-sales and general manager should also all benefit fro the CRM without requireing a long learning period.

Why do we sell and recommend NetSuite CRM?

Here are 5 main benefits experienced by companies using NetSuite CRM:

1) It follows CRM best practices.
2) You pay lower cost of lead aquisition.
3) You pay lower cost of sales.
4) No CRM server/ security costs.
5) It’s an all-inclusive CRM system – No more spreadsheets.

We have been implementing CRMs for over 20 years, mainly across Europe and the USA. The speed of implementation and the flexibility brought by NetSuite CRM is unmatched.

Are you looking for a CRM Solution?

We are CRM experts that help small to medium size businesses across Africa and Europe.
Our founders and employees have been selected based on their experience with several CRMs as end users or consultants. Our CRM services are on technologies such as on-premise systems and cloud based offers like NetSuite CRM.

We use our knowledge of marketing, sales and after-sales to help companies best use of their CRM system. This in turn helps your users adopt the CRM in a matter of minutes and brings returns on investment faster than any other approach.

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