NetSuite CRM: Marketing, Sales and After-Sales departments (finally) agree!

Running a business is often compared to a tug of war between departments. The scarcity of finance, diminishing budgets and markets make the sales cycle much longer than it was a few years ago. Competition on a local and global scale has given customers more choice. Capturing their attention and loyalty has become an increasingly high objective.

We offer NetSuite CRM to companies that  want to make their marketing, communication, sales and after-sales departments work together to shorten their sales cycle and become more efficient than their competitors.

NetSuite CRM is the proven solution to closing more deals, faster and cheaper! This true cloud CRM offers far more than savings on electricity, military grade encryption and 99.95% guaranteed uptime. 

Regardless of your market and strategy, NetSuite CRM offers the best solution for growing or downsizing businesses. You can maximise performance whilst reducing costs!

Developpers mauritius

Here are the main processes covered by the system:



Internal Activities

External Activities


Multiple channels
Activities (Internal/external)
Target groups
Expected revenue

Create and assign tasks
Follow-up actions

Qualifying vendors
Costs and budgets
Common tasks

Campaign performance
New visitors
Request for information
Request for demo
Brochure downloads
New customers


Sales team

Pre sales


After sales

Territory management

Items/ Service pricing
Leads > Opporuntities
Prospects > Estimates
Customers > Orders
Conversion rates

Profitability forecast
Resource costing
Partner/ vendor pricing
Resource availability

Online ticketing system
Online FAQ
Shared solutioning
Case priority and escalation
Multiple language 
Full analysis

Who is NetSuite CRM for?

Your competitors are running their sales activities on cheap separate systems, losing precious time consolidating their figures and making decisions when it’s too late. Other competitors might be running best of breed expensive marketing, CRM and support software on servers that cost them a fortune to run, maintain and secure.

NetSuite CRM is for the smart decision maker who wishes to dominate the market through better, faster, stronger sales software The cloud CRM solution is used by 77% of the world’s disruptors, at all levels: The PR manager, the communication manager, the digital campaign manager, the copywriter, the social media expert, the graphic designer, the financial director, the sales clerks, the sales manager, the sales director, the general manager as well as the after sales department.

What is the value of NetSuite CRM?

NetSuite’s CRM greatest value is your peace of mind.
We implement the software to bring you the highest levels of your customers’ satisfaction. Here are 5 main benefits experienced by our customers: 

1) Real-time integrated data flow across marketing, sales and after-sales.
2) Lower cost per email sent.
3) Much higher sales figures through a better understanding of your leads, prospects and customers.
4) Lowest cost of labour whilst maintaining a secured, world-class, customer experience… from communication to qualification, proposition and after-sales.
5) Fast response times through real-time information, giving you the oportunity to prevent losing deals through swift interventions.

We are one of the world’s most qualified and experienced NetSuite CRM consulting firms. We offer our services to Mauritius, Africa and Europe since 2007 and have a 100% NetSuite implementation success rate.


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